Your Fundraising Groups

More and more of our supporters are joining forces to form Community Fundraising Groups in support of Cancer Fund for Children.

Our groups work very hard to raise awareness and generate vital funds in areas right across Northern Ireland.

Here’s just some of the ways your fundraising groups make a difference:

  • Helping to organise local fundraising events.
  • Receiving donations from local people on our behalf.
  • Volunteering at collections and placing collection boxes in local shops.
  • Promoting Cancer Fund for Children fundraising events and raising awareness of the work we do.

Some of your fundraising groups include:

  • Ballymena
  • Causeway – Coleraine
  • Dundonald
  • Fermanagh
  • Friends – Belfast
  • Holywood
  • Lurgan
  • Mourne
  • Armagh
  • South Down
  • South Belfast
  • West Belfast
  • Roe Valley


Join or Create Your own Fundraising Support Group

There are so many benefits. You could:

  • Help raise the profile and vital funds for Cancer Fund for Children in your area.
  • Become really involved in your community and meet new people.
  • Have support from a Cancer Fund for Children Fundraiser.
  • Share new and exciting experiences!

If you’re interested in joining or forming your own Fundraising Group contact us on 028 9080 5599 or email