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Cancer Fund for Children partner with Young Lives vs Cancer in “The C Tea” podcast series.


Have you ever heard the expression “what’s the tea”?

According to Urban Dictionary it means when someone has gossip and you want to know every detail of it as soon as possible.

Cancer Fund for Children have partnered with Young Lives vs Cancer (formerly known as CLIC Sargent) to talk about cancer services in Northern Ireland and share the stories of the young people and families we support.

In this podcast they “spill the tea” on that it’s like to have cancer or “the big C” as a young person in Northern Ireland. Recorded in 2021 during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic this podcast series is hosted by Laura from Young Lives vs Cancer and Helen, a Cancer Support Specialist from Cancer Fund for Children.

Topics such as identity, mental health, faith and parenthood are discussed during the episodes which will be released weekly, with the first episode going live on Tuesday 16th November.

You can listen here:

A special thank you to the young people and their families who have kindly shared their stories with us and allowed us to gain deeper understanding of what it is like to experience cancer as a young person.

We would also like to thank the National Lottery and Granite Exchange who have both supported this podcast series.

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