Payroll Giving

It’s quick, easy and tax free. If you’re an employee, you can choose to make a donation straight from your salary.

As Payroll Giving donations are tax-free, a monthly £10 donation to Cancer Fund for Children only costs you:

  • £8 if you pay basic rate tax (20%)
  • £6 if you pay higher rate tax (40%)
Benefits for You
  • It’s easy and convenient – only 5 minutes to sign up!
  • You’re helping a cause you care about
  • You’ve control over how much and when you want to donate
  • Setting up is secure: no bank details required
  • Deductions can only take place while you are employed
You can make a difference

Small, regular donations make a huge difference.

Your monthly donation will allow us to plan ahead and invest in long-term support for children and young people with cancer.

£10 a month for one year would provide six young people with individual support sessions from a Cancer Support Specialist while they are in hospital.

Sign up for Payroll Giving today

You can sign up by clicking the link here

(No bank details required; only your Staff Number and National Insurance number). Please contact Gillian if you would like any further information at: or 028 9080 5599.

Or download our Employee Payroll Giving Guide

If you would like your employer to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme, download the Payroll Giving Guide for Employers