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Tell us who inspires you this World Children’s Day!

To mark World Children's Day on the 20th November, we want you to tell us about a young person (under 24) who inspires you.

World Children’s Day takes place on 20th November and was established by UNICEF as a way  to promote international togetherness, build connection among children worldwide, and improve children’s welfare.

To mark this special day, we want you to tell us about a child or young person (under 24) who inspires you. This could be a public figure, someone you know personally or even yourself!

Once you have chosen your inspiring young person, just download and print our worksheet here, draw a picture of them and tell us why you have chosen them. If the person is famous/a public figure you can use their name, but if this is someone you know personally we ask that you keep their name private and just write their relation to you (eg- my cousin, or my friend).

Send a picture of your worksheet to our Youth Engagement Worker Joanna before the 17th November and we will be sure to share on social media to mark World Children’s Day on the 20th!

You can contact Joanna on

You can download your worksheet here.