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NI family urges people to support children’s cancer charity this Christmas

NI mum Angela Millar is supporting Cancer Fund for Children’s Santa Cause Christmas Appeal, after the charity supported her 10-year-old son Ben following her own cancer diagnosis.

We are an all-island charity that works to empower, connect and strengthen children, young people and families impacted by cancer through therapeutic short breaks at our stunning centre Daisy Lodge in Newcastle Co. Down and through social and emotional support in hospital and at home.

It’s hard to put into words how much Cancer Fund for Children has helped me and my kids. My youngest Ben loves to see his Cancer Support Specialist Gill coming. It gives him his own wee time out and a break from the reality of cancer.

People should support Cancer Fund for Children this Christmas because this charity helps you feel less alone and they depend on fundraising to continue to deliver their vital services.

Angela, mum

I met Ben and his mum Angela in May 2022, in the family home. I got to know Ben and his older brother James, playing card games and chatting. Angela was keen that Ben have additional support to try and process his feelings and emotions around her cancer diagnosis and have the opportunity to talk to someone outside the immediate family. We have practised various mindfulness activities such as breathing techniques and identified people in his life who provide support to him, creating a personalised ‘Support tree’.

I’m blown away that they’ve been so active in our Christmas campaign and so proud that I have had a positive impact on this experience for them and that they want to help us ensure this support is available for all families across the island of Ireland.

Gill, Ben's Cancer Support Specialist

This Christmas, we will continue to support children and families impacted by cancer. Throughout the festive season our Cancer Support Specialists will deliver up to 400 individual support sessions to young people impacted by cancer. We will also host up to 79 families from across the island of Ireland for therapeutic short breaks at Daisy Lodge.

You can join our Santa Cause and help us ensure no child has to face cancer alone by visiting