Phil Alexander appointed Cancer Fund for Children’s Chief Executive

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We are pleased to announce that Phil Alexander has been appointed Cancer Fund for Children’s Chief Executive Officer.

Phil has worked with us for ten years having formerly been our Director of Services, and prior to that our Residential Services Manager. He has over 20 years’ experience working in the statutory and voluntary sector developing services for children, young people and families.

His extensive experience of direct service delivery provides him with an in-depth insight and knowledge of the needs of young people and families impacted by cancer. We spoke to Phil to find out more about his vision, plans and priorities.

 What are you most looking forward to as you take over the reins of CEO?

It is a privilege to lead an organisation that delivers innovative, responsive and tailored support services to children and young people impacted by cancer across Northern Ireland and Ireland. As a charity we are led by our purpose to help young people cope better with the impact cancer has on their lives, and the lives of their family.  It is essential that we get it right and I want to ensure that the young people and families we support are involved in the shaping of our services.

I am also excited about meeting all of the wonderful people who make our work possible. We only exist thanks to the support of the collective community who put raise vital funds and put their trust in our team to deliver essential support. 

How will you lead Cancer Fund for Children into the future?

The issues and challenges the families we support face are complex. I want to make sure we are always listening. I want to ensure we offer a responsive service tailored to the needs of each family and I am committed to putting young people at the centre of what we do.

I also recognise that the work our dedicated staff and volunteers do isn’t easy. They work tirelessly to support families at a very difficult time.  I want to ensure as an organisation we do our best to support our team.

 What is your vision for Cancer Fund for Children?

Our vision is that no child living with cancer in Ireland should face that cancer alone, and neither should their families.  I share that vision and as an organisation we will work to ensure all children receive the support they need to discuss and share their worries, fears, and anxieties in a safe and supportive environment and their families will be able to spend precious time together, in our short break centre Daisy Lodge, far removed from the demands of cancer treatment.

Are there any challenges ahead?

Like all charities we need to clearly communicate what we do and the impact of our work. In simple terms, we support children and young people so they can cope better with a cancer diagnosis and we do this by providing a range of services including individual support, group work and therapeutic short breaks.

However, we can’t do this alone. We have a highly skilled team capable of making a real difference but we need the support and backing of the public, local businesses and government departments.

I want to continue to lead a sustainable and well governed organisations where every pound is used wisely to benefit the children and families we serve. As CEO I take that seriously and I will ensure that we are transparent and open about our achievements, alongside where we need to improve. Like any organisation we are not perfect, we won’t always get it right but we are hungry to do better, to innovate, and to work collaboratively to ensure no child faces cancer alone.

Cancer for Children understands the devastating impact a cancer diagnosis and treatment has on the whole family and that beyond the essential medical support there is a family life that needs to be rebuilt.  Find out more about our services here
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