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If you have a press enquiry or would like to know more about children and young people with cancer and their families please email or contact the Communications Team on 028 9080 5599.

Facts and Figures

Our aim is to support every young person diagnosed with cancer, or living with a parent diagnosed with cancer so no family has to face cancer alone.

  • Every week in Northern Ireland, another three children and young people will be told the devastating news they have cancer.
  • Although 8 in 10 children will survive, cancer is still the leading cause of death amongst children in the UK. (source Cancer Research UK)
  • Every week in Northern Ireland, Cancer Fund for Children supports another nine children who have a parent diagnosed with cancer.
  • Cancer Fund for Children understands the devastating impact a cancer diagnosis and treatment can have on the whole family and that beyond the essential clinical care there is a family life that needs to be rebuilt at home and in the community.
  • The charity supports over 500 families and 800 young people at any one time.
  • Their team of experienced Cancer Support Specialists are trained in the fields of social work, counselling and youth and community work.
  • They help families cope with the impact cancer has on their lives, and supports them through life during and after treatment and, in sadly some cases, bereavement.
  • Our Cancer Support Specialists deliver a range of support at home, in the community and the hospital setting including:
    • Individual Support: provides children and young people with the opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts and fears openly in a safe environment
    • Group Support: brings young people with cancer together to share experiences, gain strength from each other and benefit from peer support
    • Sibling Support: helps siblings who are feeling worried, lonely and vulnerable as they watch a brother or sister fight cancer
    • Bereavement Support: continues to support families who have lost a child or parent to cancer.Cancer Fund for Children continues to support families who have lost a child or parent to cancer.
    • Financial Support: providing financial support to help manage the costs of cancer.helps to ease the financial impact cancer has on families through the provision of four non-means tested grants.
    • Therapeutic Short Breaks: gives families the opportunity to spend precious time together in a unique and peaceful environment far removed from the pressures of cancer treatment and hospital visits.
    • Self-Catering Breaks: provides families with private quality time together away from the challenges of living with cancer.

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