Managing Fear

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This week’s Therapeutic Thursday video is about overcoming fear. Families impacted by cancer are often used to living with uncertainty, and it is never easy. The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on all our lives and living in fear has become a norm for many.  It is important to remind yourself that fear and anxiety are normal.

Fear is one of the strongest emotions we feel.  It is an emotion that everyone can relate to, but do we fully understand it? Do we know how it affects us and if it is unwanted how we can cope with fear better?

In this short video our Community Services Manager, Neil Symington, explores what fear is, how fear can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing  we can make better sense of it and shares a few exercises that young people can use to help them overcome their fear or cope better with it.


You can download some of the exccercises Neil explores in our video here:


We recognise that young people impacted by cancer need our support now more than ever.  We are continuing to provide individual support to young people age 8-24 years old diagnosed with cancer, their siblings and young people living with a parent with cancer.  If you would like to get in touch with the team please call us on 028 90805599 or email

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