Leave A Gift In Your Will

When making a will, your first consideration will be to provide for your family and friends, but leaving a gift of even 1% of your estate could make a huge difference to children and young people living with a cancer diagnosis.

A gift in your will, no matter how big or small, will help us to make sure we can be there for every family that needs us now and in the future.

How to leave a Gift in your Will 

Our supporters can write a FREE online Will in a few minutes using Bequeathed’s secure online will-writing platform: https://willtogive.org/portfolio/cancer-fund-for-children

If you prefer to write your will face-to-face with your solicitor.  The only information you need to provide them with is: Charity name: Cancer Fund for Children, Charity number: NIC100532

There is no obligation to leave a gift to Cancer Fund for Children, but if you do choose to leave a gift in your Will, you will be leaving a lasting legacy that will ensure no child has to face cancer alone.

If you’d like to discuss leaving a gift in your will, please call Tanya on 028 9080 5599 or email tanya@cancerfundforchildren.com