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At Cancer Fund for Children, we provide direct support to young adults with cancer.
Having cancer at any age can be hugely difficult, but having cancer as a young adult has its own unique challenges.

Through our experience of working with young adults, we feel that we have a good understanding of many of these issues, but we acknowledge that every young adult is different and will need supported in the way that suits them.

Outside of family and friends, young adults often need someone else that they can speak openly with and get support from. Our team in the community offer support to help you better understand how cancer is impacting you and to help you cope better. We work with all young adults in a relaxed way and meet you where and when it suits you.

We do this in the following ways:

Individual support

Our support is open to young adults aged 18-24. It takes place where you want it to and when you want it to. It is relaxed, enjoyable and focused on you. Individual support with one of our Cancer Support Specialists helps young adults to identify and express their emotions. You will be provided with the opportunity to develop your confidence and practical skills, helping you to cope with your cancer or the impact cancer has on
your family.

I was listened to and encouraged. This experience has taught me that it’s better to talk to someone rather than have the thoughts and feelings STUCK in my head.

Young Adult Short Breaks

Young adult short breaks take place twice a year and are open to any young adult we support, aged 18-24 who has a cancer diagnosis. They take place in our therapeutic centre ‘Daisy Lodge’.

During short breaks young adults have the opportunity to connect with those in a similar situation and of a similar age. During short breaks you can choose to relax and take time for yourself. You can engage with others and take part in games, discussion, and activities. You can also benefit from the support of our team, indulge in the hospitality offered and enjoy complementary therapies. Our young adult short breaks are uplifting, engaging, fun and an opportunity to access support.

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Wider Support

Cancer Fund for Children work alongside colleagues in the various hospitals and with other cancer charities to provide a range of programmes and opportunities for young adults. We will keep you up to date with these.

Thanks to Cancer Fund for Children I met other young people who had been through what I had been through and were out the other end. This provided me with a sense of hope and a belief that I was going to make it.