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Daniel’s Story

When Daniel was diagnosed with cancer, life changed for his whole family, including his brothers. His mum Petrina has shared why they are getting behind Rory’s challenge to help build Daisy Lodge, a space where families can reconnect.

We brought Daniel to the doctor on call thinking he had a bad chest infection.

Everything happened so fast from there and before we could think we were in ICU being told Daniel had leukaemia. I remember my parents bringing the older boys to the hospital so we could tell them how sick Daniel was. It was just beyond difficult to give them that news and not to be able to be with them to support them and help them process it all.

Daniel’s diagnosis turned our world upside down. I didn’t realise when your child is diagnosed with cancer how much it impacts on the whole family. Nothing could have prepared us for the brutality or intensity of this journey and the whole family feels it. It has affected every aspect of our lives and it’s been an incredibly difficult 6 months.

Daisy Lodge gave us a way to reconnect as a family

Cancer Fund for Children have been there for us throughout this time, offering practical and emotional support. We had a short break at Daisy Lodge and it gave us a way to reconnect as a family. It was lovely to see the boys laughing over a game of pool, spending uninterrupted time together and just being brothers again.

It’s a really special place that gives families a safe space to slow down & take a breath.

It’s amazing what Rory is doing

The walk is such a gorgeous way to show families that they are supported and that the amazing children battling this disease are acknowledged for the absolute legends that they are.

When Rory takes off from Dublin, Daniel will be in Crumlin recovering from a bone marrow transplant. Our boys won’t have seen each other for weeks at this stage and so we’re delighted that Daniel’s brothers will be able to get involved with Rory’s walk so they can have some fun and feel close to their brother while they’re apart.

You can join Daniel’s family in supporting Rory this May.

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