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Aiden’s Story – TYA Cancer Awareness Month

April is Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Month. Aiden is sharing his thoughts to shed light on the unique experience of having cancer as a young person and raise vital awareness.


Tell us one thing the world should know about you? 

I’m interested in playing the guitar. Avid South African Rugby Fan – Stronger Together!


Can you tell us about a dream/aspiration you have for the future?

My dream is to be able to work in medicine & be independent.


⁠Is there anything particularly different about having cancer as a teenager? 

We are young & going through our teens we can become grumpy. Staying positive can be hard. In times it feels like you want to give up.


⁠What do you think is the one biggest challenge young people with cancer face that other teenagers might not?

School – You miss a lot school & having to catch up is hard work. We also miss out on the day to day things with our friends.

Energy – We lack energy & struggle to keep up with our friends.


For those who support teenagers with cancer whether it be nurses, parents, social workers, youth workers etc, what one thing should they know or do, to help support young people better?

They must be ready to face the challenge of supporting us. We can be difficult – please don’t give up on us.


Anything else you would like to say about being a young person and having cancer, that may help support other young people out there?

Don’t allow the cancer to get the better of you. It may feel like it’s never ending, but it does get better.

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