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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we need you to grow our daisy chain and help ensure no child has to face cancer alone

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Throughout the month of September, approximately 40 children and young people (aged 0-24) will be diagnosed with cancer across the island of Ireland.


We need your help to grow awareness, grow connection, and grow support to ensure these children and young people receive the right support at the right time.

Cancer Fund for Children provides informal emotional, social and therapeutic support to children impacted by cancer and their families at home, in hospitals, in the community, and at our therapeutic short break centre Daisy Lodge. Our aim is to empower, connect and strengthen children, young people and their families so they feel better equipped to deal with the impact of cancer.

But we simply couldn’t do this without you.

This September, we want you to grow our daisy chain so we can help ensure none of these children or young people have to face their cancer alone. Donate today by clicking here, or find out more ways to get involved below, to help us grow awareness, connection and support for childhood and young people diagnosed with cancer.

Support for young people like Vanessa and Charlotte who are sharing their stories this September to raise awareness of the impact of a childhood cancer diagnosis.

As I started to feel better, they started reducing my medication and that’s when the pain really kicked in. I couldn’t sit up or turn around by myself and I had to learn to walk again. That was probably the worst thing. It took a lot of determination to push myself back to it, step by step.

When you’re going through cancer, you don’t need people to fix things, you just want them to listen. I was surprised when people couldn’t do that.

For kids that are only starting out on their cancer journey, I would say, stay determined and positive and don’t let anyone pull you down. Be strong for yourself and for your family. Dream about the future and what you have to look forward to.

Read Vanessa’s full story by clicking here.

Vanessa (15) from Mayo who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2022

It started as headaches, sickness, dizziness and I felt really clumsy.  At first I thought it was normal but then it got really bad and I had to take time out of school every week. Sometimes I just had to stay in a dark room for 2-3 days and I could barely eat anything and the pain in my head was unbearable.

When I got discharged, I just felt so alone. We were so used to the routine in the hospital and felt secure and then all of a sudden you’re out home and you just feel lost. One of the hardest things has been losing my sight and noise still annoys me. I have to use a wheelchair because of the fatigue and there’s not as much awareness around disability as there should be.

Read Charlotte’s full story by clicking here.

Charlotte (15) from Armagh was diagnosed with Metastatic Medulloblastoma in 2022

How you can get involved...

1) Make a donation – Donate online today by clicking here and help Cancer Fund for Children be there for children, young people and their families with the right support at the right time. Did you know that just £40 / €46 could help provide a 1 hour support session for a child impacted by cancer, in their own home, with a Cancer Support Specialist?

2) Join the Big Bucket Collection – Have your club, community group, workplace, or family and friends join together to organise a street collection in your town, city, local club grounds, or shopping centre on Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th September. Simply choose your date, email us by clicking here and we can provide you with all the materials you need. Then contact your local PSNI or Garda station for a collection permit, or contact your local club or shopping centre to secure your date.

3) Take on your own activity – There are lots of ways you can get involved and support young people like Vanessa and Charlotte this September, from a coffee morning, to a walking challenge, or fancy dress day. Choose what suits you best and have your family and friends, colleagues, club or community group members, or school get involved. Download our CCAM Fundraising Tips by clicking here and get your fundraising journey underway.

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Planning your own event is a great way to support us.

Whether organising a gala dinner, head shave, fun day or football match, there will be an event to suit you, and we'll be here to support you every step of the way.

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