Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Sailing Trip

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Confidence After Cancer

This August our Cancer Support Specialist Laura accompanied three teenagers on a four day sailing trip with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust in Largs, Scotland.

Young people diagnosed with cancer often lose confidence for many reasons.  This can be due to changes in their body, being in hospital or at home for long periods of time, and the emotional and physical impact their cancer and treatment has.

Loss of independence is also another big issue for teens with cancer.  Suddenly they have to rely on their parents and medical professionals for things they previously wouldn’t have given a second thought to.

Like Cancer Fund for Children’s group work programme, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust sailing trips provide young people with an opportunity EMT Sailing Tripto have some time away from parents and the hospital environment.  The sailing trips help young people to challenge themselves, to develop their confidence, and to regain some independence.  They also offer an opportunity for vital peer support from other young people living throughout the UK who are experiencing cancer.

Over the course of the four day trip we were part of a group who sailed from Largs to Port Bannatyne. Young people took part in all aspects of sailing from tying knots, taking the helm and learning various parts of the boat. They even completed their RYA Start Yachting accreditation.  There was plenty of fun on the high seas too with crab fishing, team games, photography, and cooking together.

Our Cancer Support Specialist Laura said,

“It really was a privilege to share this experience with the young people on this trip.  One of the highlights for me was hearing the sound of laughter from the group and observing how they helped and supported each other by sharing their experience of cancer and providing each other with tips and advice.

This is the 15th year we have partnered with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and I would like to thank them for giving young people with cancer from Northern Ireland the chance to go on this memorable sailing trip. They have made new friends, had fun and created some amazing memories!”

Find out more about the support we provide to young people with cancer here. 


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