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In the face of Covid-19 adversity, a County Antrim-based social enterprise organisation, Access Employment Limited, has transformed its business model. They aim to keep 9 adults with learning disabilities in full time employment, while also showing their support for Cancer Fund for Children.

Clearer Water, known for selling its premium purified bottled water to the Irish hospitality sector, has diversified its product offering to launch Clearer Hand Sanitiser – an environmentally responsible sanitising product range.

Fused with lemon balm, the sanitiser is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. The enterprise is also committed to reducing plastic pollution. Customers are encouraged to RETURN their 5 litre containers with their next delivery to be REFILLED and REUSED. Every return will result in a £1 donation to Cancer Fund for Children.

Each bottle of Clearer Hand Sanitiser also carries a QR Code. The code can be scanned by customers to find out more information about the work of Access Employment and the people they employ.


David Hunter, CEO of Access Employment Limited spoke about the organisation’s latest innovation, saying:

“As a social enterprise, all Clearer Water’s profits go directly back into the organisation, where the money is used to change people’s lives and create job opportunities for them. When the sales of the bottled water dropped significantly, the organisation looked at ways to diversify its product offering to keep people in employment.

“We also wanted to ensure we were able to support another amazing local cause through this new venture. It was a unanimous decision from the team here at Access Employment Limited to support Cancer Fund for Children.”


Phil Alexander, CEO of Cancer Fund for Children, continued:

“It is a pleasure to be a small part of this amazing new project. Not only will it help keep the team of seven at Clearer Hand in paid employment, but will also allow businesses to be more environmentally friendly. In addition, it will help ensure Cancer Fund for Children can continue accepting referrals for support. A massive thank you to David and all the team for helping us ensure that no child has to face cancer alone, throughout the pandemic and beyond. Cancer won’t stop, so neither will we.



Prices for Clearer Hand Sanitiser start from £17.99 for the 100ml range. To order Clearer Hand Sanitiser or to view their full range of products, visit If you are a bulk user of hand sanitiser and would like to discuss prices, contact Laura on 028 2827 4992 or email



Launch Picture

Access Employment Limited CEO David Hunter (left) with Cancer Fund for Children CEO Phil Alexander (right)

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