Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

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This year, why not consider putting Cancer Fund for Children at the top of your Birthday wish list?

Image of a Birthday cake alongside the Cancer Fund for Children daisyFacebook Birthday Fundraisers are a simple way for you to show your generosity and ask family and friends to make an online donation instead of purchasing a physical gift. The icing on the cake is that with your act of kindness, you are helping to ensure that no child faces cancer alone.

To date, Facebook Fundraising has brought in over £57,000 worth of donations for Cancer Fund for Children. This figure just goes to show what massive impact can be achieved with such minimal effort. It is also hugely important in spreading awareness of the work we carry out to support families impacted by cancer and we are so thankful to everyone who has helped us so far.

Setting up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser is such a straightforward process, which you can do in minutes! We have included the six simple steps below to get you started, but don’t hesitate to get in touch with our fundraising team should you need any more help with getting your Fundraiser up and running.

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1. Go to your Facebook account.

2. Go to your ‘home’ page and look on the left hand side column. You should see the ‘fundraiser’ option under “create” at the bottom. Click “fundraiser” and Facebook will walk you through the steps or you can set up your fundraiser here.

3. Pick your charity (Cancer Fund for Children)

4. Set your fundraising goal and a time-line. Set something that you feel good about and see how it goes! You can always raise the amount if you want to challenge your family and friends!

5. Invite people on your friends’ list and engage with them – this is key! Share often on your timeline: remember that not everyone will see something when you post just once. While some people may be hesitant to invite people on their friends’ list, remember you’re giving them the opportunity to participate in helping to connect, empower and strengthen families impacted by cancer. No problem if they are unable to participate at this time – you’ve at least extended an invitation.

6. Thank people as they donate and watch your total rise! These people are donating to Cancer Fund for Children because of YOU, and for that we are truly thankful.

Not on Facebook, but would still like to create a Birthday Fundraiser? Not a problem, contact our team today, who will be more than happy to discuss other ways that you can mark your birthday and show your support to Cancer Fund for Children.

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