At Work

Supporting Cancer Fund for Children in your workplace is easy and has lots of benefits for both your staff and company.

It can help build relationships between your staff, and engage and motivate them to do something amazing to support local children living with cancer. It’s great for team-building and is lots of fun as well!

There are lots of ways you and your organisation can get involved…

Charity Partnership

Why not choose us as your charity of the year? This is one of the best ways to become involved with Cancer Fund for Children on a longer basis and really get to see how your fundraising can make a real difference to local families.

Choosing us as your official charity is a great way to:

  • Meet your organisation’s corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Align your business with NI’s leading children’s cancer charity
  • Boost staff morale and motivation, and have a positive impact on your organisation’s culture
  • Have fun in the workplace, bond your teams
  • Get valuable PR coverage

Our dedicated Corporate Fundraising Team will work closely with you throughout the year, providing you with advice and support to help you get the most from the partnership.

One off Event

Do you regularly hold an annual event, a big quiz, or cosy coffee morning? Then do it for Cancer Fund for Children. Or why not get together a team from your office to join in one of our events?


At Cancer Fund for Children we are known for our fabulous events and campaigns. How about making your business part of that by sponsoring one? Or would you like to sponsor one of our services to families – a weekend of therapeutic respite or a residential for our young people?

Sponsoring one of our events, services or campaigns can provide promotional and branding opportunities, generate positive PR and demonstrate your commitment to supporting local children, young people and their families affected by cancer.

Volunteering/ Gifts in Kind

Do you have something we could use? Valuable skills? Prizes for Raffles? Would you and your colleagues like to volunteer at events or give your time to help with one of our projects? We want to hear from you!

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is one of the easiest and most tax efficient ways for you to give to charity. For example, if you pledge £5 from your salary each month the cost to you is only £3.90 and Cancer Fund for Children will receive £5.50.

Regular giving means that we know how much and how often you will donate so we can plan much more effectively for the future and reach more children and young people who need our help.

For more information talk to our Corporate Fundraising Team by emailing