Anna’s Light Charity Single Released In Memory of Anna Kearns to Inspire Others

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“I want Anna to be remembered as a gentle warrior with a pure heart, who fought to live, valiantly with everything she had each day of her life.”

Anna’s Light” has been released in loving memory of Anna Kearns from Cargan who passed away from cancer aged 18 in August 2020. This single has been released to mark National Grief Awareness Week which takes place from 2nd– 8th December.

Written and produced by local singer songwriter Rebekah Fitch, “Anna’s Light” will keep Anna’s memory and all she stood for alive. Rebekah worked with Anna’s mum Aine to create meaningful lyrics which express what Anna meant to her.


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Anna Adored Life

Anna was a happy, carefree child who adored life and lived each day with love in her heart. When she was diagnosed in March 2009, at 7 years old, with a grade 4 malignant brain tumour, medulloblastoma, along with hydrocephalus. Her family were devastated.

Anna underwent aggressive treatment including surgeries, radiation therapy and chemotherapy which resulted in her having to learn how to walk again. These treatments proved successful and Anna went into remission for a full 10 years, during which time she endeavoured to live life to the full despite ongoing medical support.

Anna went on to obtain her GCSEs and went on to technical college to study performing arts. Tragedy struck again after falling ill again in 2019 and was admitted into hospital on two separate occasions. After undergoing another series of medical tests, Anna’s family received the news on 4th June 2019, on her eldest sister’s birthday, that Anna’s cancer had returned, but this time had spread to her spine and organs. Palliative care was all that was available to her, as the cancer had advanced.

The Best Medical Support

During this time Anna received the best medical support and loving care possible. She celebrated her 18th birthday with close friends and a family trip to Warner Brother Studios for the Harry Potter tour. By the time the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing, Anna was unable to leave home. She was in excruciating pain but always tried to keep her spirits up. She fought her illness valiantly and with dignity and her family managed to keep her home, against all odds, with medical support.

Anna passed away peacefully, enveloped in love, on 7th August 2020, age 18 years old.

Over the course of her illness Anna was supported by Cancer Fund for Children and our Cancer Support Specialists who offered Anna care at home, something Anna’s family were incredibly grateful for. Anna and her family were also provided with emotional support during therapeutic breaks at Shimna Valley (now Daisy Lodge) in Newcastle Co. Down.

Helen Became a Confidant

When Anna relapsed at the age of 17, she was taken under the wing of our Cancer Support Specialist Helen Patterson. Helen became an anchor and a confidant for Anna. She went above and beyond as she walked Anna through some very tough times. When the pandemic hit, Helen found some innovative and relatable ways to continue to support Anna, bringing laughter and joy regardless. Helen remains a sold and valued friend to Anna’s mum Aine.

Anna’s family are forever grateful for the support and care provided by Cancer Fund for Children and they are grateful to be able to honour Anna’s memory whilst raising money to help us support other children and young people impacted by cancer.

There is Always Light

Sharing how she hopes Anna’s Light will impact others, Aine says:

“I hope when people here the lyrics that they will be lifted and supported, having the awareness that no matter how hard and cruel this journey is, there is always light. I hope that the light Anna was inspires people to never, ever give up, to see the beauty even through the darkness, and know that they are never alone.

Anna was a gentle, emphatic, loving, courageous, and caring soul with a true warrior’s heart. She had a passion for life and for animals, which she saw as her equals. Anna possessed a quiet and determined inner fierceness, which carried her through incredibly tough times. She is an inspiration to all who knew her and has touched hearts just by being her.”

“You were in so love with life,” “You left the world more beautiful to me” are just some of the lyrics featured in “Anna’s Light” which Aine hopes will inspire others to find the beauty in life even during the toughest of times.

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Watch Aine’s Interview Here

If you are touched by Aine’s heartfelt words and want to help raise money to support other families facing a childhood cancer diagnosis you can donate to her JustGiving page here.

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