10 Reasons to Give £10

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Image of the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Ribbon

Childhood cancer is not going away. Children with cancer are more vulnerable than ever before. This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, could you give £10 to help a child with cancer?

Every day across Ireland another family will be told the devastating news that their child has cancer.

With 90% of Cancer Fund for Children’s income reliant on Fundraising, and all our events cancelled due to coronavirus, your on-going monthly donation is vital to help support families going through a cancer diagnosis.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we have 10 reasons for you to give £10. Their names are Clodagh, Ellen, Tom, Austin, RobbieMatthew, Dani, Tessa, Zoe and Maisie May whose lives have been shattered by cancer.Images of ten children; Clodagh, Ellen, Tom, Austin, Robbie, Matthew, Dani, Tessa, Zoe and Maisie MayQuote from Janet, mum of Robbie, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was eight months old. The quote reads, "Cancer Fund for Children helped our family to heal and filled our souls with joy, which helped us give back to Robbie the childhood experiences that cancer stole from him."

Donation Box that reads "Please take five minutes to sign up to give £10 each month, or a one-off donation, and support children living with cancer.

Or call us on 028 9080 5599 to donate over the phone today.


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